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Fall Perch Pattern
Fall Perch Pattern
by Dave Duwe
As the days are getting shorter and winter moves closer across the Midwest. This signals the migration of most fish from their summer haunts to pre-winter staging areas. This is the time yellow perch are also migrating from the main lake basin to the shallows. Like the other fish species they are concentrated and actively feeding. Perch will travel in schools throughout the day. Once you locate the schools they can be caught extremely fast. They feed by sight so the daylight hours are the best time to catch them. Unlike most fish, perch are not affected by the weather as much, so d...
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Drop-Shot Rigs For Fall Fish
For some reason, autumn is the time of year when I feel the need to share the productivity of drop-shot rigs. It's probably because the first time I ever tried drop-shotting was in the fall at least twenty years ago. My friend Barry Day had just returned from a trip to the West Coast where he had been introduced to drop-shotting. Barry fished the Iowa Great Lakes a lot and had found drop-shotting to be very productive on these heavily fished waters. "If drop-shotting works on West Lake Okoboji, it'll work anywhere", Barry told me. Barry and I spent an afternoon on the water shortly after ... read more
Fall Bronzebacks
Fall Bronzebacks
by Josh Teigen
As Midwestern waters start to cool down, the fishing tends to get hotter for all species of fish. Muskies and walleyes get most of the attention from anglers this time of year but the one species that is often overlooked is the smallmouth bass. These hard-fighting bronzebacks know winter is coming soon and they need to start gorging in order to fatten up before the water turns hard. This can make for one of the best bites of the year. Once October hits, water temps drop considerably and weeds start dying. When this occurs baitfish vacate the area and move to other structures including rocks... read more
Wisconsin's Most Extreme Angling Experience
Serious muskie and fly fishers are generally considered extreme by the mainstream angling fraternity. The concept of chasing muskies with flyfishing gear takes the concept of extreme angling to an entirely different dimension. "West Fork" Jason Stewart caters to this unique segment of the angling fraternity, guiding clients out of a Clackacraft drift boat on waters like the St. Croix, Flambeau and Chippewa Rivers-all pristine waters about as far from the main stream as conceivable. Like most fly fishing purists, West Fork Jason ties his own flies. But crafting a muskie fly is much more... read more
Locating & Catching Fall Salmon
October and November are great months for anglers to pursue their favorite species throughout the Midwest. Trophy fish of all kinds are being caught in lakes, rivers and streams. While many species require a boat to target, I choose to tackle my favorite species, salmonids, from shore. The trout and salmon that migrate toward the shores of Lake Michigan, and eventually into its tributaries, will peak in October and November. Each year the largest fish are consistently caught from within the major tributaries or areas near their mouths. There are many things that contribute to a successful... read more

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Saturday October 4
Stone Lake Cranberry Festival
Friday October 10 - Saturday October 11
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Saturday October 11
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Thursday October 23 - Sunday November 2
Captain's Class OUPV Inland/Great Lakes
Thursday November 6 - Sunday November 16
Captain's Class OUPV Inland/Great Lakes
Thursday December 4 - Sunday December 14
Captain's Class OUPV Inland & Great Lakes
Friday December 5 - Sunday December 14
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Captain's Class OUPV Inland & Great Lakes
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Northern Pike caught by Justin Elliott
Northern Pike caught by Justin Elliott

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