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Refine Your Live Bait Presentation
There are a lot of different ways to catch walleye and I have tried most of them. Some of these techniques have worked well under certain conditions, others have not impressed me very much. There is one presentation that has consistently been successful for me, especially early in the year. This basic presentation is the live bait rig. Although the live bait rig is often times thought of as a simple means of angling for walleye, it isn't always as simple as one may think. There are certainly many variations and noteworthy equipment refinements that can be made to increase success. W...
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Cold Water and Crankbaits
Cold Water and Crankbaits
by Dennis Foster
Far from a contradiction of terms, they actually complement each other… and quite well too During the first open water forays of the year, most walleye anglers-even your more sophisticated types-just don't equate hard bodied lures with early season success. In reality, nothing could be further from the facts. Yes, jigs and rigs have been and will remain the staple presentation in cold water conditions. But, I am here to dispel some myths and make a case for you giving crankbaits some serious consideration this Spring. Tried and true can also become tedious and tiresome. Take a leap... read more
Tip-ups on Opening Weekend?
Tourism folks in Wisconsin's Indianhead Country are anxiously watching the weather this first weekend of spring. Last year they were able to put a positive spin on tip-up fishing at the Governor's Opener held on Lake Namekagon. If ice fishing in May were a once-in-a-lifetime event the experience would certainly be noteworthy. The winter of 2012-13 was semi-tough. The winter of 2013-14 was brutal and still making its presence known in a cruel April Fool's joke. Speculation at Governor's Opener venue on Balsam Lake isn't a question of ice fishing or not. The real question is whether part... read more
Open Season Walleyes
Open Season Walleyes
by Jason Mitchell
Some of the earliest open water walleye fishing opportunities occur each season on river systems and flowages or bottle neck areas that open up because of current. Open seasons and open water are necessary and there are so many good early season fishing opportunities. The Mississippi River, Rainy River, Fox River and the Missouri River all come to mind. Each of these fisheries are drastically different with different terrain features, different forage and ultimately different fishing strategies. While there are differences from one fishery to the next, there are also many similarities. Th... read more
Find Food For Early Turkey Season Success
Austin and I were exhausted from hoofing it through the snow that at times was nearly waist deep. It wasn’t long into the first morning of last years youth hunt that we felt as though the odds were severely against us. Needing a break to clear out the snow in our boots we decided to set up against a large oak tree that had about a thirty yard circle around it without snow. Here we could try and dry out. We did notice that the area was pretty scratched up from turkeys as we nestled in behind the ghost blind. In front of us was a swamp area that held some turkey tracks around the edge. ... read more
Spring Walleye Secrets
With so many reasons to look forward to the spring one that always comes to like minds is the walleye run with ice melting and rivers running. About 80 to 90 percent of the walleye across the country move from main lakes into the rivers to spawn. Unlike during the summer when trolling for big fish can be hit or miss, big walleye become more catchable when they migrate upstream with the masses. Rain and melting snow will fill rivers at various times and produced strong current. Fast-moving water draws walleye upstream to spawning areas like a magnet. As good as all that sounds, high water and ... read more
Fishing Tubes for Pre-Spawn Smallmouth
Over the last few years I have spent many spring days chasing pre-spawn smallies. In April I target bronzebacks exclusively on Lake Winnebago (which has no closed season for gamefish) followed by the month of May on Lake Geneva, Sturgeon Bay and Big Green Lake. This year things will be much further behind due to our record cold winter and I will likely still be ice fishing well into April. With that being said, the past techniques that I have learned by fishing Lake Winnebago on cold April days will be applicable when the bass season opens in May on Wisconsin's inland lakes. All of the ice... read more
Jig Your Way To More Fish
Early in the open water fishing season, jigs are probably the Number One go-to bait for walleye anglers, and folks who fish for bass and panfish also use jigs early in the season. There's a reason for that: Jigs are, plain and simple, fish-catchers. In fact, many anglers, if they were limited to one type of lure to use year 'round, would choose a jig. Jigs come in a lot of shapes and sizes and colors, and determining which jig you should tie onto your line can be a little confusing. It doesn't need to be. Just keep a few considerations in mind and you'll be catching fish on jigs in no ti... read more

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Saturday April 26 - Sunday April 27
WBA Bowfishing Tournament
Saturday May 3 - Sunday May 4
WBA Bowfishing Tournament - State Championship
Saturday May 10
Saturday May 10
dousman bass tournament
Saturday May 17 - Sunday May 18
WBA Bowfishing Tournament
Saturday May 31 - Sunday June 1
WBA Bowfishing Tournament
Friday June 6 - Sunday June 8
Smallie Weekend in Door County
Thursday June 19 - Sunday June 22
Hayward Musky Festival
Saturday June 21 - Sunday June 22
Carpzilla/RoughFishAssassins Bowfishing Tournament
Friday July 18 - Sunday July 20
LCO Honor the Earth Pow Wow
Thursday July 24 - Saturday July 26
Lumberjack World Championships
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April 11, 2014
B FISH N Tackle's Moxi brings the slow and low back to life... Coralville, IA - What a drag... But not because the bite is off. Actually, it's the contrary. The catching's outstanding because yo... Read more...
April 10, 2014
Plano updates super-tough Guide Series Rod Tubes for max performance... Plano, IL - No, the dog didn't eat it. He did, however, just step on the rod and snap its tip. And in the mere moments... Read more...
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Muskellunge (Muskie) caught by Matt Buettell
Muskellunge (Muskie) caught by Matt Buettell

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